Sell your home with Borlüv

Your property it’s a big investment and getting the best agent it’s a crucial thing if your plan to get more for it. Our agents work hand to hand with our team of marketers, analysts and IT guys to get more of your investment.

It's about the experience

Marketing it's on the house

Being able to effectively market your property significantly increases not only the speed of purchase, sale or rent, but also increases the chances of a better deal. For this we use multiple digital media and our extensive branch of connections.

Trusted & professional talent

We know that when making a decision as transcendent as the one of real estate you must know and trust your agent. That is why we are committed to providing impeccable, reliable and professional service by an expert who guides you in this important decision.

Our promise

A personalized attention. Apart from your preferred agent, Borlüv team will be available to assist you in any doubt, question or concern in order to make your transaction faster, pleasurable and successful.

Hand in hand with technology and data

Making a right decision adjusted to your needs is imperative, our agents are local experts who, with the right data in hand, will help you evaluate the pros and cons of each option.