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Each Borlüv agent is a business partner. We’re committed to help you with training, tools and technologies that will empower your career.

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Are you aware of the constant changes in all aspects of the market and how to take the step to technological advances, legal forms and updating in your training?

It’s not easy, so we’ve created tools and technologies that will drive you to success and keep you up-to-date.


Always updated and constantly evolving, our live and digitally rebroadcast formations are a combination of years of experience with the best professionals who will be continuously offering the best practices and trends. Here you will find new classes each week, oriented to practice, all with the purpose of always keeping you at the top of the market.


Our mentality is SMART: During your first session we help you to set goals and create a plan of action that allows you to achieve goals in a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound manner. Our methodology will empower you in your career while motivating you to achieve more and better results.


Whether you are starting your career as a Realtor or have many years of experience, we are here to keep you updated and at the forefront of the latest technology and marketing changes for your profession. In addition to all these benefits Borlüv Bootcamp will provide continuous training in this aspect.


Office Tools

Access Borlüv Offices for special meetings, Back Office to work paperless, Business address for your Business cards, as well as reception of your physical mail and your corporate email address.

Adjustable commission structure

Our commission structure is designed in such a way that fits your experience and requirements, so that you always win no matter what you choose.



Means not be limited to a place, an structure, a lack of knowledge or information. We’ve hear because we’re also realtors and brokers and we know what our team needs.

That’s why we’re constantly evolving to give you more advantages and services to make your career easier.

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  • Coach on business
    Request help from one of our experts to get you through your first business or even the toughest ones.
  • Teams friendly
    We’re developing an structure to help you thrive and develop your team.
  • Full Branding
    We allow our brand to grow and be recognized, you benefit from it. All our branding is available for you not only for the logos or letterheads, also everything that comes with it.
  • Tickets and support
    You can also interact with the team or make technical questions in our platform related to the real estate area. Since we are an innovative and technological company we also need to offer full featured technical support for our platform. We will be there to assist you.


Our commission structure is designed in such a way that fits your experience and requirements, so that you always win no matter what you choose.

Making an informed decision is the most important; Set an appointment and discover for yourself the benefits of being part of Borlüv.


* Is subject to additional fees according to the plan. Please schedule an appointment to get the full information.

What people is saying about us


"One of the best courses I´ve ever been, excellent teachers, and it also gives me the facility to see the courses live wherever "

Mariela Rudulfo

"Before I thought it was enough to hang my license on any Brooker, but now I know it can make a big difference and with Borluv this was the case"

Mariel Touron